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Visual communication is about more than telling people about your product or service—it’s about compelling them to use it. It's the difference between having people merely take note your message and persuading them with the power of your message.

At GeniusWorks, we don’t just toss together an advertisement, brochure or web site and push you out the door after digging through your pockets. We want to know the answers to important questions: What are your goals? Who is your target audience? How do they feel about what you have to sell? How do they make their buying decisions? It’s the answers to these kinds of questions that help us to produce quality, focused designs for everything from logo creation to newspaper ads, brochures, direct mail, print, and web site design.

Just as important, we practice all those disciplines with a passion that few can match. Drive by in the wee hours of the night or the early morning hours and you’ll probably see the lights on - not because we are trying to make a deadline, but because we’re trying to make a difference—for a company or an organization like yours.


From concept to completion, we create designs focused on drawing in clients and customers for you. When you need intelligent marketing and design, we are here.


We build responsive sites using the latest standards. Whether you need a custom site or a CMS with a custom theme, we can help get the job done!


"A picture is worth a thousand words." is an old addage, but this is still very true in today's age of social media as well. We do that as well.

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Michael Black

Graphic Design

360° Business Photos

Graphic Design

LaserTherapy Solutions

Website Design

LaserTherapy Solutions

Graphic Design


Graphic Design

DL Petroleum Engineering

Business Identity

Last Mile Solutions

Graphic Design

Body Soul & Spirit Expo

Graphic Design

The Artist of Encouragement DVD

Graphic Design


It's the little things that make the biggest difference.

  • 2001

    GeniusWorks started life as a flash of genius. While working on a particularly difficult project, David had also made the decision to give his freelancing business an actual name. One day, he found a great solution for the project that had been so challenging, and stormed out of his office saying, “It’s Genius! It Works!” That was when the epiphany came. GeniusWorks! Done! The gestation and birth of GeniusWorks Visual Communications occurred within the week.

  • Details, details…

    An icon is Born

    The Vitruvian man by Da Vinci has always been a fascination and muse due to its use of math and geometry. Studies on the significance of this particular rendering are always in-depth. When GeniusWorks was introduced as a possibility for the name, this artistic icon became a natural choice for inspiration, but it needed a little more…

    (Hint: There's an Easter egg under that image)

  • February 2010

    Transition to Full Service

    After a brief hiatus from GeniusWorks as a creative director and then company partner for Intor Communications, David folded his shares from Intor back into GeniusWorks and began focusing on his own. GeniusWorks was reborn with a new focus and a new logo, along with a new motto and even a latin axiom. While the company shifted towards working with larger accounts, the focus of creating the exceptional design did not.!

  • July 2013

    Phase Two

    While some companies seek growth and constant expansion, this comes with its own headaches. We've settled on a different strategy - scalability. We work with a team of entrepreneurs and freelancers that are Top Gun types, personally chosen for their skill, and when required, come in like a Mission Impossible team - ready to do what it takes to create your advert, web site, or marketing project. The good news for your company is that you'll only pay for the team members we hire, not for an expensive agency and all their office space and accoutrements!

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