DL Petroleum Engineering & Consulting

Summary report for clientelle

A summary report drafted to show examples of the work done by DL Petroleum Engineering & Consulting at various energy and heavy oil tradeshows.

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Canadian Imperial Business Networking

Tickets for various events throughout 2014

Tickets created for a myiad of events through 2014.

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Gator's Bar VJ Tyler Zeck

Direct mail advertisment

A direct mail advert for local tavern, it's focus was to creat awareness for the bar over the holiday season.

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Solvo Coaching

Business identity for Solvo Coaching

The business identity was created, along with corresponding business card with a unique Flower of Life symbology to help her clientelle during anxiety attacks.

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Niki Berthelette

Business identity/Gift cards

Miss Berthelette had these works commissioned and gave me free reign to create a identity for her small business. She was very pleased with the results.

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